I have enjoyed Diane's insight for years.  She is so often right on with her readings for me.  At times I don't realize how accurate she is until I listen to past readings later on down the road.  This past reading was so right on that it gives me chills!  Thank you so much, Diane, for doing what you do!

K. Whitman - Alaska 

By the way I last spoke with you on May 6, 2011 and we discussed my ability to qualify for a loan to buy a new home. I followed your advice about getting the financials submitted and the loan amount was approved on 5/26/11 (the mortgage guy told me he never had anyone's application go through so quickly, no delays and approval for a loan amount much higher than I asked for!). I found the house to buy on 5/27/11 (the day after being told I was approved for the loan)-submitted offer 5/31/11 -offer accepted after 3 negotiations on 6/5/11 and closed escrow on new home June 30,2011 -everything you said about finding the location of the house, the small builder, builder working with me to give me what I wanted, the price, the mortgage and the ease (done in 20 days!)- WOW!                                                                  

Linda - California

Diane...thank you so much for being such a positive influence in our lives and providing such positive inspiration. We just want to have the freedom to serve, love, and worship GOD and GOD's creation. You are one of the greatest sources of light, insight, and heavenly might that we have been blessed to have to walk along side of us, support us, and stand with us.  We love you and thanks again for all you do for so many, including us!                                                            Private - North Carolina

Thank you Diane for your reading. Whenever I feel stressed I think back on your words or replay your M3 file and it is so wonderfully comforting and inspiring; a true blessing!                                                                                   

Tara – NJ

I want to thank you again for the session we had last Thursday. You were so right-on! I have listened to the MP-3 you sent me three times, and each time I take in new information. I am grateful for giving me some direction in how to proceed—I can tell the difference already in how I am working with my patients.

DS - California

I want to write back to thank you again for giving your time early to talk to my mom. It helped guide all of us to the right path. I don't know what we would have done with many sources out there.God is all love, and I believe he is there to show that path once we believe in him. He protects us. You are a great instrument, and I thank God for you. I am so grateful, thank you once more.

AM - California

Diane-I hope this is ok but I HAD to share this with you-the article below appeared on the FRONT PAGE of today's paper. i don't know if you can get the full story on line-but WOW!!!! Next week, I have been contacted for a TV story on the building. and none of this would have happened had I not picked up the phone and called you the first time, received the message I needed to get on the path! I am so grateful for your presence in my life:
Old City Hall arts center schedule taking shape (7/16)

 I was so glad to have gotten your newsletter. I had indeed tried to find you on the "other" website and was afraid I'd lost contact with you. Everything seems wonderful in your lives. That new grand-baby is beautiful. I think that one of those is just what I'm needing about now.
It's been so long, probably a year and a half, since we've talked and I'm so happy now to know you are still out there helping people as much as you have my family.
In any time of family crisis you were there and through our angels and loved ones from beyond, you guided us in the right direction. As for a testimonial I couldn't begin tell everyone how many times you have helped us see things in a more positive way, through a much greater perspective, guided us in what has always turned out be the right direction, and held my horrible anxiety at bay! From the first day I ever met you, I had no idea at the time that you were a Spiritual Counselor. I was standing in the store trying to find some natural remedy for all the anxiety I was going through, and you said "You really miss your mother, don't you?" God, how I missed my mother, but how did you even know my mother had died? Then you described her both physically and personality wise (and since our looks and personalities were TOTAL opposites I certainly couldn't have given you any clues.) You had to bring me a box of kleenex when you told me she was right there with me and was telling me to stop worrying. My mother's famous quote to me was "never worry, worry until worry worries you!" And that is just where it began. I promise I could write a book about everything that you have guided us through since then. I will always believe that my mother sent me to that store that day!
I am so happy to have found you again and I am looking forward to talking to you soon.
Much love,
Cindy Shore Durham, North Carolina,

 Hey Diane,

I took their advice to the letter.

I put the cabin with a Real Estate agent. It closes this week for 5000 above asking to locals who want to live there and not chop down the trees.

My car sold on Monday of last week, after languishing for two months on the market. I had an initial offer two months ago and it ended up selling for that amount now (take what the Universe is telling you to take.)

I quit my job that same day, and my broker (who I wanted to change,) called and left a message that he was moving most of my funds into cash positions - easier to change and move. Then Tuesday rolled around.

The realtor came in to her office to show the house to them. Then a neighbor stopped by (whom I never met before) and asked about the house and if it was for sale.) I gave her the realtor's card. I got a call that afternoon from another realtor wanting to show it in an hour. I put her off because the house wasn't supposed to be on the market til Friday. Then I conceded to let her show it on Wednesday.

By Saturday I had an offer for the full asking, minus some of the other things I was selling. I countered and by Sunday my counter was accepted at full asking price. I am scheduled to move out June 14. Sunday morning I also got a call from the cabin realtor, asking me to close this week.

Meanwhile, before all this rolled in, I thought about the trip to the ocean your guides suggested. Someone online met up with me, a stranger, and he was in the exact same situation as me but in 1992. It was an amazing conversation and I even asked him if he wasn't some kind of guide or something (and he did say no, but.... I wonder if he may be a vessel.) He brought up Hawaii. I thought "ocean" and plus my aunt and cuz live there and want a visit. SO, I made reservations to Hawaii starting this Sunday, ignorant of all that was about to unfold.

So I'm letting go and going to Hawaii anyway and trusting the flow of energy. All that liquidation to cash has to mean something. And I think it means "GO! MOVE! IT'S TIME!" Amazing stuff happening here. Thanks for help with all of this

Love Mickael - Washington

 Dearest Diane:

I hope this email finds you well and happy! Just wanted to email some feedback to you regarding our last session together.  As always, the "guys and gals" out there were funny, inspiring, and right on the money.  In particular, though, they'd talked about more "speaking opportunities" coming to me.  I certainly could agree with this as public speaking is a part of my job. However, I got a call from one of our Associate Directors a couple days ago, asking if I would present at our Regional Financial Aid Administrators Conference! This is our annual gathering of financial aid administrators from across the State and is a VERY big deal (and a wonderful opportunity).

Sometimes it's difficult to articulate my thanks to you (and Them), for the kindness, patience, and guidance shown to me over the years.  I gladly count you as a dear Sister and Friend. Many thanks, blessings for a wonderful Easter holiday, and best...

Lois - North Carolina



I just wanted to let you know that I received my herbs the other day and found myself in conversation with a friend of mine whose boyfriend is an acupuncturist.
He was completely baffled to learn that I was taking these herbs, as I've gone to him for treatment, because of course, you were dead on!!

I have to tell you that I keep hearing from friends and students I've referred to you, that you have given them all a gift of resolve and release.
We all carry great burdens around, seeking to get rid of them somehow, and we are so lucky to have you to bring closure to an issue and/or initiate
the step in our optimal direction!
You are such a gift!!  I feel so blessed to have been introduced to you, and I know my friends and students feel the same way too!!
Just sharing the love.:)

xoxo, Sachie - California

Hi Diane 
I was just thinking of you last night and will be calling you soon.

Thought you'd like to know that our last reading included you telling me a spotted dog was going to come into my life, but you did not think it was the "fire engine type"(meaning a large dalmation). 
Well... see attached picture of my new puppy... who happens to be... yes, spotted. A big spot on her back and every day more spots are appearing!!!! I had nooooooo intention of another dog yet when we went to look at puppies for a friend, low and behold, this one tugged at my heart. She is giving me lots of love and... you called it! 
Thanks again for your guidance and I will be calling you soon 


Karen Detmering -  New Jersey 

Photo of Karen's new puppy &quo


I cannot possible thank you enough for today's session. I came in very open to the experience, but I did not expect what I got.  There are still so many questions I have!  But now I truly know that my husband is with me and supporting me forever.
What an amazing gift you have been given. I am so grateful to have encountered you and my life is changed.

Love, Susan -California

I have been fortunate in my journey to have crossed paths with many talented psychics and mediums.  Among them are channelers such as James Van Praagh.  I have had the honor of his abilities twice...and in the comfort of my own home with my family.  As emotional and extraordinary as those experiences were for me, I still felt like it was a hit and miss game.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Diane Rose Phillips that I felt like everything was a hit.  It was like bam, bam, bam...she nailed it all.  Everything was dead right on.  I found validation on many issues that I knew to be true in my life as well as healing, closure, and openings for the others.  She comes from the heart.  I wish everyone the opportunity of her gift.  I will forever recommend her.
Warmest, Michael Blomsterberg -  California

Diane is more than a Psychic and Spiritual Counselor.  She gets to the heart of the matter so you can see more of the truth.  Every month I replay the tape of our session and learn new things.  I'll hear something I missed before and it will always be at the exact moment that I need to hear it.  Her reading was accurate, amazing and inspiring.  She gave me the pieces to the puzzle that have helped me further clarify my purpose and remove any blocks to fulfilling my dreams.
Genece Hamby -  California

Diane Rose Phillips has been a blessing in my life for 2 years now.  Her guidance has facilitated my growth to new levels and awareness in my daily life.  With gentleness, love, and coming. from a pure space, she has helped me to open my eyes in areas of  family, relationships, career and personal growth.  I have felt totally supported and uplifted every time I have had a session with her.  She has shared truth and has allowed me to grow at my own pace.  There has been total unconditional love coming from her, which I believe has allowed me to feel safe enough to be who I am.  I can liken Diane to a Master Gardener, who gently tends to her plants: watering, pruning and giving them space with a fertile environment to grow in.  I am truly grateful for Diane being here and in my life.
Jessie Strong -  North Carolina

It is with heartfelt love that Diane offers messages from Higher Guidance.  She provides an affirmation of guidance that I had received but did not acknowledge fully until the session. 
LT -  New Mexico

Diane Phillips is the real deal!  She uses humor, insight and smart thinking along with what she channels.  When the session was over, I not only thought clearer, I took actions that were never suggested to me anywhere.  It changed the way I feel and the way I work.  
Barbara -  California

My experiences with Diane Rose Phillips can only be described as miraculous!   I often say to others that I am referring to Diane, "she has helped me resolve things in my life that would have taken me 5 extra years on my own".  Diane validates me, honors me for who I am and what I am doing and offers me the extra confidence that I am supported in every thing that I do. I love her. Thank you so much Diane,  
Sonja Runar - North Carolina "The Good Chi Lady", 

I have been to several spiritualist (put in whatever word you would like to describe yourself) and never had a more thorough reading than when I was in Diane's presence.  She was able to see right to my core issues and concerns.  Every experience has been enlightening to my spirit self."  
Namaste, Sharon-Maitland, Florida

A visit with Diane has been the best present I ever gave two very dear friends. One friend, now in Texas, had shared my spiritual queries, during our child-rearing years.  After my initial visit with Diane, I immediately emailed this pal and recommended that she get in touch with Diane and get some questions answered.  She did.  Her reply, "If you never gave me anything else, this was the best gift."  Another friend (of 60 years) recently had her husband's symptoms diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease. Here was a man once considered one of the top 100 lawyers in the country and now he couldn't remember a conversation from 10 minutes earlier.  As so often happens, my friend was being exhausted as the caretaker in a crisis situation and was neglecting her own health.  I sent her a gift certificate for a telephone appointment with Diane hoping it might give her some answers.  I spoke to her after her phone visit and she was stunned. She said that Diane described her husband's illness and their predicament to the letter.  She felt that I had told Diane their story until Diane got off the subject for a minute and urgently said, "You are in great physical danger... I see you with a broken jaw. You must move on this, get in a living arrangement away from you, you have 3 months!"  Carolyn said her confirmation of Diane's intuitive gifts was when she suddenly told her, "Oh yes, and your toilet isn't broken, he has just clogged it up with too much toilet paper, you don't need a plumber."  Carolyn looked into her bathroom and there was the commode full of toilet paper.  After the phone meeting, Carolyn got busy looking for a facility; Diane had told her there was one close to her home and sure enough, it was within a few blocks.  And then it happened, the broken jaw, while overextending herself, she suffered a slight stroke that affected her speech in which she could not use her jaw.  How is that for symbolism?  She was amazed when she played her tape and realized the time frame and the incident had been correct.  Her speech is fine now and her husband is in the facility.  When I told her I was attending Diane's workshop, she asked that I tell Diane that she had surely saved her life and that she was just waiting for something to happen, and she heard her wakeup call!                       
SH -  North Carolina

I can never thank you enough for your assistance in making this transition possible.  Everything that
Spirit relayed through you has been extraordinarily accurate.   Eugene is indeed home to me - the people are wonderful, and I have been meeting SO many new people who are of like spirit.             
LD -  Oregon

I was guided to Diane Rose Phillips with my 1st reading on 4/7/00. I have experienced many more since then and also her workshops. They were all amazing. The Manifesting Workshop on 8/17/02 was especially meaningful for me. The group really bonded and we got clear on conscious manifesting. 
I felt as if I wanted more clarity so I scheduled an individual session for the following Tuesday. During Tuesday's reading I asked, "What is my car trying to tell me?" (8/17/02 As I was leaving for the Manifesting workshop, I discovered my driver front tire was flat. AAA arrived and the spare was flat too) The answer was, "How much more do you want and how long will it be before you get rid of it? It is tired and has already started breaking energetically with you.  It will show you where it wants to be, either by stalling or another flat. Pay attention to your energy level. You won't need a salesman, to find your new car you will know which one energetically is right for you."  The last advice Diane gave me was to make a list of everything I wanted in a car and to see what happens.
I had no thoughts of buying a new car at this time, more like in 2004.  Still, I made my list the next morning and a few hours later I passed a lot and spotted a White Mustang Convertible. It was the color and style that I wrote on my list so I took a test drive.  I didn't care for the sales treatment and the top was hard to get up and down so I went home and revised my list.  I included ease in closure of the top and respect and ease with the sales staff.   The next day I met with other members of my Manifesting group in Hillsborough to discuss other aspects of Tuesday's reading. One member of our group, JB, met me at  Daniel  Boone  Village, which is across the street from a car lot. We both took a quick look-see on arrival in which neither JB or I saw any convertibles on the lot. We then went across the street to a gift shop.  Upon leaving, I was following JB out of the parking lot when my car stalled out at the stop sign.  Remembering what was said in the reading, I immediately looked up and at the car lot that we had passed earlier...  there sat a beautiful Electric Green 2002 Mustang Convertible that was not there 1/2 hour earlier.  JB and I pulled in, walked around the car and left. The next day I went to test-drive my find and it was energetically me.  This is how fast everything fell into place, Monday I filled out the paper work and Tuesday (exactly one week after I made my list) I drove my new Mustang out of the parking lot.                                                             
Dee T,  Chapel Hill,  NC           

I met Diane after my mother (who lives on the opposite side of the  US) had a session with her. Diane told my mother about one of her daughters (described me) who was having some medical issues. Diane then proceeded to tell my mother about some medical issues I had just learned of and some I didn't know about yet! Needless to say, I scheduled an appointment with Diane for that week. She has been a huge help to me and my family--including our four-legged members. For instance, one cat was jumping of the second story deck--regularly. Diane let me know why and I made the proper adjustments and the cat hasn't jumped since--the cat is now happy as a clam. (I think if I put Diane's phone number on speed dial, my cats would call her regularly--thank heavens they don't have thumbs!) I am so grateful that Diane has chosen to share her gifts with us. Thank you, Diane.   
 A childhood friend of mine and myself decided to take a weekend workshop with Diane. I went to NC from  California and my friend came from  Texas. We made a weekend of it. I personally think this workshop should be mandatory for every human on the planet. To be able to see how our thoughts effect each other (an exercise measuring someone's energy field while the group sent good thought and again while we sent negative) was amazing. And that was one of the exercises we did over the two days. I walked away with a better understanding of how and what we create in our own lives and the power we each have to make our lives and world better. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone on the planet! planet!  
M.  of  California

Diane Phillips assisted me to connect with some of my angels, guides and family who have moved from one life to another.  She confirmed my father and other friends and family members were near me on the other side. I have had the opportunity to develop a healing connection with my Dad.  Diane also assisted my mother in her grief.  Through Diane's gifts a messenger from my guides, I am also gradually making peace with family and friends who are still here, and those who have passed over. 
The support and friendship I have with Diane is immeasurable.  The life-lessons offered by my guides have not always been easy.  With Diane's support and encouragement, I continue to grow and learn.
Jo Bouler,  Durham  NC


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