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What can a Spiritual Counseling Session offer me? 

  • Clarity in all areas of your life
    • Health, Career, Relationship, Financial and Pet issues
  • Understanding the bigger picture to a situation
  • Understanding your fears and how they stagnant your growth
    • Practical advice on learning to overcome and move on
  • Understanding your dreams and what they mean for you
  • Communication with loved ones to assist with closure
  • Learning your gifts and abilities
  • Expansion of your Intuitive Self
  • A sense of inner peace and strength

Is a phone session as effective as if I came in person? 

Yes.  The information I receive is from a Divine source that is connected to everyone and everything and is not bound by limitation.  It does not matter whether you are sitting in the same room with me or on the other end of the phone.  The information presented to me will always be for your greatest benefit and growth. 

Do I have to ask questions during the session? 

This is entirely up to you.  If you choose not to ask questions - I will still receive pertinent information - it may not be as specific as you would like.  To get the most out of a session it is beneficial to ask direct questions within the area's that you would like clarity on. 

Why is it that some things come true and some don't? 

When I receive the information - it is given with the momentum that you are presently at.  In other words - your motivation, intentions and beliefs become your reality.  If that momentum changes so will the outcome of what was said.  We were all given free will and because of this we can change our path in the blink of an eye.  The state of readiness for an event to occur is a combined effort of your partnership with self and the Divine.    Changes for events to occur may require: 

  • A need to let go of resistance (hurt, guilt, control, fear - old behavior) in order to receive.
  • Slowing down - "no time syndrome"- does not allow the new in.
  • A need to increase self confidence and inner stability - to feel deserving
  • A need to re-evaluate your life and discover what is truly important to you.  Where is your joy and what are you doing to create balance in your life?
  • Self-examination.  Discovery of self is the key to the essence of who you are.

If you tell me something is going to happen and I don't like it - can I change it? 

Yes.  If I say that something is going to happen - I will give reasons why it is a possibility and what you can do to change the outcome.  You have the ability to become aware and change the momentum of your creating.  However, it does require Self-Responsibility.  You control your own life - regardless of the people in your life.  You always have choice no matter what the situation is.  Life is an open opportunity and the essence of God is unlimited. 

How do you know that the information you are receiving is truthful and pure in nature? 

Pure intent is the key to receiving pure information.  My intent is to bring information to you that are for your greatest benefit and growth.  I will not accept anything less than that.   As I receive what is given to me - the presence I feel is very loving, uplifting and peaceful.  The information I receive is not edited - you get it as I receive it.  Then, it is up to you to discern the truth.  Always pay attention to how you feel. 

Do we all have the ability to channel? 

Yes.  We were all born with this ability.  It is as natural as breathing.  The more you use your intuition, validate and trust in it - the greater the connection.  It is like learning to ride a bike - the more you practice the better you get.  Have fun, it is not anything that you can force - you will grow with it. 

I have been to other people who channel, why do they all get different information? 

It depends on the person who is channeling and the frequency of information that they are tapping into.  People who channel are human to and deal with everyday life just as you do.  It is very important that you use your discernment and determine the truth for yourself.  Tapping into high frequencies requires pure intention, motivation and trust that the highest and best will be presented. 

Is it true that I am unable to hear for myself? 

The more attached you are to the answers you receive the less pure the information.  It can be done…and you want to strive to set the brain off to the side as you inquire.  It requires persistence and detachment to what you receive.   Pay attention to how you feel as you tap in.  Start with something that you are not attached to…example: I want ease and grace with parking spaces today (I love this one) and see what shows up or channel information for someone else.  The more you use this gift of yours the clearer and more precise it will become.  Remember, it is all about having fun.   

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